Happiness Is Not A Numbers Game

Happiness is not defined by your Instagram followers.

Happiness is not calculated by the amount of likes your Facebook status racks up.

Happiness is not the number on the scale or the inches around your waist.

Happiness is not made up of the zeros at the end of your paycheck.

Happiness is not how many pairs of designer shoes line the shelves of your closet. (Right? Maybe… I think I’ve temporarily lost my train of thought and become Carrie Bradshaw.)

Happiness is not equivalent to the square footage in which you live.

Happiness is not defined by the number of stamps on your passport.

Happiness is not the calories you burned at the gym.

Happiness is not altered by your age.

Happiness is not correlated to your I.Q. or your bra size.

Happiness is not tied to the number of people you’ve slept with.

Happiness is not more or less depending on how often your phone buzzes with a text.

Happiness is not the hours of sleep you’ve lost because you’re awake, wondering about your happiness.

Happiness is not easily quantifiable, and yet it can be so easily measured.

Happiness is feeling confident enough to show the world your genuine self, regardless of its approval.

Happiness is experiencing thankfulness for the amazing things your body is able to do.

Happiness is realizing that when you love everything you have, you have everything you need.

Happiness is feeling the earth beneath your bare feet and being reminded of the fact that you are a being of this beautiful planet and you have an equally beautiful purpose. 

Happiness is the warmth of your home and those with whom you share it.

Happiness is being a dedicated explorer of the world in any way you can. Through books, art, even simple conversation.

Happiness is a balanced life, with all things in moderation. Even moderation itself. (Buy too many designer shoes, it’s okay to have a vice.)

Happiness is the knowledge that time is relative and we’re all as young as we feel.

Happiness is creating peace with yourself, in both mind and body.

Happiness is the ability to open your heart, even after it has already been broken.

Happiness is being fully present and engaged when spending time with others.

Happiness is at the center of who you are, matching you step for step, while you’re busy living in the moment.

xo Faith


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