A Bad Day Of Millennial Proportions

A bad day is a bad day is a bad day. They can strike anytime. In a most cliché turn of events, my Monday has been one of those days. And so I’m creating this survival guide for Millennials everywhere. The next time you’re desperately clinging to hope amidst a seemingly cursed 24 hours, due to any variation of the following circumstances, you’ll know what to do.

  • Some punk kid discreetly takes a picture of your terrible laundry day outfit and you log onto Facebook only to see that you’ve become a viral meme
  • Your bank account is asking you to make a Sophie’s choice between eating and paying off your student loans
  • You’re supposed to post a blog entry but your inspiration tank is on empty

Step One: Stop Caring

Yes, you heard me. Say it out loud to yourself, like a mantra. “I no longer care about this.” As a generation, we’re hardwired to care. We interact via social media with our friends, our classmates, our coworkers, while we’re with them and years after we’ve last seen them. I can tell you the name of my sixth grade teacher’s new niece and which of my high school soccer teammates just accepted a job in Boston. Timehop reminds me of one time when I inexplicably posted a picture of a chair in TJ Maxx three years ago. This continuous, unending accumulation of information and relationships has made it more difficult for us to weigh the significance of the events and people we encounter. But someone once told me that if it won’t matter in five years, then don’t spend more than five minutes on it. Sometimes not caring is as radical as you can get, so go wild and shout it. “I NO LONGER CARE ABOUT THIS.”

Step Two: Treat Yo Self!

To flowers, a coffee, a new book, a membership to a jam-of-the-month club. Whatever it may be, spend some funds on yourself. YOU are the greatest investment that you can make, so show a little love. Let me assure you that you’re worth it, even on your worst, most cringe-worthy days.

Step Three: Move

No, don’t pack your things and slink away in the night. Move your body. Go for a walk with your dog, ride a bike, hit the gym. The more sweat, the better. Do whatever it takes to be sure that your body is too tired to let your mind rehash the gory details all night and keep you from getting some much needed rest.

Step Four: Just Say No

To the pity party and its many favors. Overindulgence will aggravate your symptoms. Pass on the junk food and reach for something healthful instead. Not only will your body feel refreshed, but your mind will be better able to cope and move on, too. Friends don’t let friends wallow under the influence of processed foods. 

Step 5: Find Your Happy Place

Where do I go when I’m feeling blue? New York City in 1998, a world encapsulated inside a perfect little film called ‘You’ve Got Mail.’ Wherever you’re happiest, go there and allow yourself to find your center again. There’s no rush, take your time. If you start to stumble, repeat Step One as forcefully and as often as necessary.

The sun will rise again in the morning and you’ll be ready. 

xo Faith



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