For Heather

When I began creating the Ms. Millennial project, I inhabited a world that had been set on fire by the election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump. I found myself suddenly surrounded by passion, utterly dizzying passion. My voice was one of millions, foreseeing the direction in which this nation would travel, and shouting against … Continue reading For Heather


Let’s Go Chasing Waterfalls

That's how the song goes, right? The wild called again this weekend and we answered. While trekking through the woods, my mind wandered, as it often does when my body is occupied. I began thinking of the things that I'm thankful for -- in that moment, in that day, in my life. My health, my … Continue reading Let’s Go Chasing Waterfalls

In Sickness And In Health

Location: The United States Of America Year: 2017 Central conflict: "Is access to affordable health care a right or a privilege?" Honestly, y'all. Honestly. You know those memes about white girls who can't even? That's me these days. I am a white girl -- nay! A white woman. And I can't even. See, I was raised … Continue reading In Sickness And In Health

The Collie, The Switch, And The Wardrobe

Guys. Let's talk about moving. Not moving on, just moving your stuff. From one location to another. It's hard. It's awful. It's one of those things that borders on impossible, until it's finished. Then you inevitably forget how terrible it all was and repeat the process again, a few years down the road. If you … Continue reading The Collie, The Switch, And The Wardrobe

Good For Her, Not For Me!

Have you read Amy Poehler's memoir Yes Please? If so, wasn't it great?! If not, quit reading this garbage and go read that instead! Okay, that's a little hasty, I'd really like you to stay here and read this, too, but then go immediately to your library or your Kindle or your actual brick and mortar … Continue reading Good For Her, Not For Me!

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land

Wishing a very happy 241st birthday to this country that is my home. Now, more than ever, I am proud to call myself an American. Not because of our leadership, not because of our policies, but because of our people. November 2016 sparked an apathetic nation and gave it purpose. All around us, Americans are … Continue reading This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land

Forgiving Those Who Trans-Pass Against Us

"Just be yourself." The obligatory answer that most of us received at some point in our lives, when seeking advice. Any kind of advice. It's an all-purpose phrase. Maybe when stressing about how to behave at a job interview, or when getting up the courage to talk to that person we've secretly had a crush … Continue reading Forgiving Those Who Trans-Pass Against Us