For Heather

When I began creating the Ms. Millennial project, I inhabited a world that had been set on fire by the election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump. I found myself suddenly surrounded by passion, utterly dizzying passion. My voice was one of millions, foreseeing the direction in which this nation would travel, and shouting against … Continue reading For Heather

In Sickness And In Health

Location: The United States Of America Year: 2017 Central conflict: "Is access to affordable health care a right or a privilege?" Honestly, y'all. Honestly. You know those memes about white girls who can't even? That's me these days. I am a white girl -- nay! A white woman. And I can't even. See, I was raised … Continue reading In Sickness And In Health

Donald Trump Was Inaugurated On My Birthday

photo: Katie Orlinksy 2017 has been a weird year so far. And it's only February. So. Let's just try to hang in there for the next 10 months and see what happens. See, I turned 26 in January. And not just any day in January, but a January day that will live in infamy... at … Continue reading Donald Trump Was Inaugurated On My Birthday