Good For Her, Not For Me!

Have you read Amy Poehler's memoir Yes Please? If so, wasn't it great?! If not, quit reading this garbage and go read that instead! Okay, that's a little hasty, I'd really like you to stay here and read this, too, but then go immediately to your library or your Kindle or your actual brick and mortar … Continue reading Good For Her, Not For Me!

Building A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017: The day my bucket list became a little shorter. You see, last week I was #blessed. I was able to see my artistic idol, live in concert. This is a person who I consider to be not only one of the most talented musicians in history, but also one of the … Continue reading Building A Bridge Over Troubled Water

A Shaky Truth In Savannah

This week, Kayla and I traveled to Savannah, GA in search of some salt air and sunshine. What we found turned out to be worth so much more. We spent our days wandering the cobblestoned city, my nose in a historical guide, stopping every few feet to point out a different monument or an infamous … Continue reading A Shaky Truth In Savannah