Good For Her, Not For Me!

Have you read Amy Poehler's memoir Yes Please? If so, wasn't it great?! If not, quit reading this garbage and go read that instead! Okay, that's a little hasty, I'd really like you to stay here and read this, too, but then go immediately to your library or your Kindle or your actual brick and mortar … Continue reading Good For Her, Not For Me!

Our Shared Story

This is a postcard that Kayla's grandfather sent home to his family in Scotland, just after landing in America. It reads: Dear Jean, Arrived safely. What a journey. It was great. We are just touching New York. Will write soon. Tommy The postmark tells that the year was 1963. The stamp reveals that it cost … Continue reading Our Shared Story

Reflecting On Twenty-Six Years Of A Life Lived

I have loved. I have loved to the brink of disaster and beyond it. I have loved to the edge of perfection and then some. I have lost myself in those closest to me, and discovered myself in the eyes of strangers. I have been told no. I have said yes. I have longed for more. I … Continue reading Reflecting On Twenty-Six Years Of A Life Lived

You Make Me Feel Like A Dangerous Woman

I recently came across an article by a very talented writer. She discussed her perspectives on gender parity -- the areas in which it is lacking and her desires to see it improved upon, for everyone's sake. For girls and boys to be raised with the same awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, to be … Continue reading You Make Me Feel Like A Dangerous Woman

Living Authentically In A #LiveAuthentic World

Knowing yourself is hard. And by "knowing yourself," I mean more than just casually being aware of your likes and dislikes; it's not a passing acknowledgement of what makes you tick. Really knowing yourself is dirty work. It's raw and gritty and sometimes uncomfortable. We have to pointedly experience the things that bring us joy, as … Continue reading Living Authentically In A #LiveAuthentic World

Harnessing The Power Of Girl Hate

(photo via Mean Girls, an absolutely classic film) Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by girl-on-girl hate. Now keep your hands up if you've ever been the source of girl-on-girl hate. I can't speak for you, but I'm willing to bet that most of us had our hands in the air for … Continue reading Harnessing The Power Of Girl Hate